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Through gradual shifts in lifestyle and food choices, you will learn to step into your magnificence through  my signature system — Breathe

FDN is a fundamental way of looking at health. I avoid diagnosing and treating disease, instead I focus on helping clients “rebuild health”, allowing me to help just about anybody in any condition.

Helping you breakthrough fears & self-doubt so you can confidently create freedom in every area of your life.

Breathe – 90 Day Transformation

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Freedom to Breathe: A 4-week Deep Dive

Learn more about how you can add essential oils into your coaching practice — adding both value and additional income.

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Download Your FREE “On-the-Go” Health & Happiness Guide

According to the National Restaurant Association, American adults buy a meal or snack from a restaurant 5.8 times a week on average. If you are watching your weight, it’s hard to always know what calories, fats, and nutrients are in the dishes you order. The information in this booklet provides tips on how to help you select healthier options while eating and living “on the go”. This guide will help you make healthy life-style choices no matter what your schedule is like. This just may be the most valuable & effective tool for you as you prepare for your wellness journey or are looking to upgrade your current choices.

This 1-on-1 six week VIP experience will liberate your soul and help you move through limiting beliefs and perceptions you have around “feelings” and goal setting. You will discover your core desired feelings and how to use them as a GPS for your soul. With clarity on how you want to feel in every area like lifestyle, body & wellness, creativity, relationships, essence, & career, you will gain an awareness to help guide every decision you make. If you prefer to work intimately one-on-one and not in a group setting, than this program is for you. Please schedule a time to talk with me if this program peaks your curiosity.