Christine Catino | About Me
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About Me

I am both an entrepreneur and a leader helping both individuals and groups to create a life and business they love. I am passionate about empowering others to step into the best versions of themselves while finding their passion and purpose.


I do this by helping to break through limiting beliefs, fear, and self-doubt, so you can create a business and life you love. I believe life is too short to not be happy and that sacrificing and suffering are things of the past.


My journey hasn’t always been easy.  Eight years ago, I found myself at the bottom. I was not good at handling stress and had terrible digestive issues. I had lost my sparkle. I was great at advising and helping others to live authentic and true to themselves and their desires, but could not walk that same talk. During this time, I lost my Dad to cancer and really felt defeated. I was not in a supportive relationship and felt like I was slowly dying inside. I had 2 girls that I was not showing up for in a way that I wanted and was modeling low self-esteem and lack of self-love and acceptance. This was the turning point for me when my kids mirrored that back. I realized I had taken on limiting beliefs and behaviors that were modeled for me.


I spent the next 5 years engrossed in all sorts of personal growth and development, behavior and habit change, belief and identity work, and a whole lot of meditating, praying, and yoga. I feel so fulfilled in the work I get to do that really feels like my life’s calling.