Christine Catino | My Approach
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My Approach

I teach women how to lay a solid foundation, balance their hormones, reconnect to themselves, & re-align their health & life to create a life they desire.  I’m great at taking complicated information & creating an easy step-by-step process so you can avoid the mistakes I made and fast track your way back to being vibrant and free.


This all started 7 years ago when I did not feel worthy of being a priority in my life and let stress, emotional eating and binge drinking run the show.  I was taking care of my two girls and did not feel the confidence or support to speak up and “ask “ for help or know how to set boundaries for myself.  I felt invisible at times or like a robot just going through the motions.  I definitely lost my sparkle & shine.


During this time I lost my Dad to cancer and had several family members affected by cancer as well.  This started my passion and mission to find better answers and start speaking up for myself so I could be a stand for healthy vibrant living an a strong role model for my girls.


I spent the next 4 years immersed in health & wellness, personal growth, and mindset & belief work absorbing and implementing all I could.  As I grew more confident and more open, I felt lighter, kinder, more loving, creative and empowering.  Not only was I now modeling this for my own family, I was sharing this with the women I work with and helping them to create more freedom & purpose in their lives confidently while empowering them  to express their wants & desires in every area of life.


I am passionate about being a positive role model for both my girls that women can have anything they want and do it in a kind & authentic way that truly serves us all.   I am passionate about empowering others to take the best care of themselves unapologetically because they DO MATTER.   I wanted to break away from the limiting family beliefs and habits that I knew deep down did not serve me so that the cycle of sacrifice and suffering I grew up with ended.  I also wanted to teach people  a better and healthier way to live and create a  healthy lifestyle that is not shown or taught in school or in our current medical model.


I practice the HolisticMBA- Transformational Coaching Method- that allows me to eliminate dysfunctional belief & behavior patterns, to work through resistance and create lasting change for my clients. It has deepened my understanding of the structure of the human experience and up-leveled my coaching acquiring the skills for re-wiring and re-imprinting early subconscious beliefs that help form our identity.