Christine Catino | Testimonials
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MichelleLewis-web “Christine’s program (Platnium Hormone Balancing) is simply genius. Her delicate, stepwise process is built in such a way that it is easy to follow and allows for self-discovery. She was able to guide me through letting go of the past and encourage me to live in the present. This broke life-long habits that weren’t serving me, and taught me a kinder, more gentle way to live. Thank goodness for Christine!” – Michelle Lewis
DonnaDiMarzio-web “Christine and I have partnered up with our businesses. She is very knowledgeable, and professional always. Christine has a passion and drive for her business.” – Donna DiMarzio
SheilaL-web “I had an opportunity to work with Christine regarding a skin issue. She immediately knew which course of action was best for me, and we began eliminating certain foods from my diet. We met regularly to share my experience with the diet changes and whenever I had a question between our meetings, she was as close to me as my phone. Some of the foods we eliminated were easy, and others were difficult to let go of. As we discussed my attachments to these foods/substances we revealed an area of exploration I hadn’t expected. Our discussions grew deeper, going beyond just identifying foods. She offered me words of wisdom and simple phrases that planted the seed for further exploration. Needless to say my skin issue cleared. Christine’s knowledge, reservoir of information, patience and support was exactly the right prescription to put me back on track.” – Shelia L
DebFontaine-web “Christines supportive approach guided me to focus on my visions and goals for a positive, happy and healthy lifestyle. Because Christine makes me feel so comfortable I am able to discuss personal and confidential issues about my family, business and fun. Since she has coached me I have the correct vitamins needed for my body to feel better, stronger and working like a machine. I would recommend Christine highly as her dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism will guide you to achieve a better life!” – Deb Fontaine
KristinNoel-web “Working with Christine’s calm, professional and supportive guidance has been a great experience. The meetings and handouts have helped me expand my personal food choices by educating me on how to make smart choices and establish positive eating and lifestyle habits. I couldn’t be happier with her services and the results I achieved. I now have more energy, feel better, and eat clean. Thank you Christine!” – Kristin Noel
TheresaHoberman-web “I am just coming to the end of working with Christine for a year, and can’t bring myself to end our sessions! Christine has helped me in so many ways – myself and my family’s meals are more healthy. I have tried new recipes with greens, beans and grains that I never thought to try before. I am sleeping better through the night, and feel like I can better handle stresses in life. I am also better about taking my supplements regularly, and feel healthier and fitter than a year ago. Christine has also been such a kind and empathetic person to talk with about life’s challenges. I am planning to continue with Christine every month for maintenance to help with continuing to practice healthy habits.” – Theresa H
TrinaBrasilli2-web “When I came to Christine, I was feeling like I had lost myself. I was not able to focus, had low energy, was screaming at my kids, stressed out and not eating very well. I was ready to start making myself a priority. I jumped right into her 90-day Transformationals Program and wanted to actually start the very first day I met her for a breakthrough session. I followed the step-by-step structure that the program provided along with Christine’s support, coaching and accountability. I found myself making shifts and changes and following through for the first time in my life. The program moves at just the right pace. I not only reached my 90-day goals but EXCEEDED them! This program is a game-changer!” – Trina Brasili
placeholder-250x250 “I can’t believe how wonderful I feel. When I started the program, I had lots of joint aches and pains and had a hard time just walking for any period of time. I actually am exercising now and WANT TO!! I have lots of energy, sleeping better and have a lot more awareness around food and what makes me feel good and what does not. I am making better food choices and want to get out more and do things. I am so thankful for Christine and her coaching. She is super motivational and the missing puzzle piece.” – Linda C
placeholder-250x250 “Working with Christine has been more insightful than I imagined. I approached Christine to work on eating patterns that were self defeating. She not only helped me to change and eliminate that pattern but she helped me to identify and work through other self limiting beliefs. The work she does is unlike any other coaching, therapy, or self-help book you can find. Her methods of having YOU discover limiting beliefs is powerful. It truly has been a pleasure working with you. You have such gifts that I hope many others get to experience. I’m so grateful you have found this path. Thank you for taking me on as a client.” – Kim Casto
“I enjoyed working with Christine for the past year. It is amazing to look at the healthy changes I have made. I am eating better, fitting in more greens and taking the time to research foods properly. I am no longer addicted to pre-packaged foods, chemicals and I shop more from the outsides of the supermarket rather than the isles. Christine has come to mean so much more to me than just a health coach. She had been a friend and “therapist” in a way. She listens and takes the time to understand your personal situation. I would highly recommend her. In fact, I am so reluctant to end our time together that I am staying on once a month to ensure that I stay on track.” – Tina Coleman
“After working with, Christine, I am a happier person, Mom & lover. She helped me not only see the importance of self-care but helped me to make it a priority. I have found a healthier perspective of self which is huge for me as I have had a history of negative self-talk and body image.” – Meagan Grey